Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lil' Madam's New Room

  Yesterday Lil' Madam decided that she would change rooms into the bigger room with the bigger bed. But that room was my room, so I barfed in Lil' Madam's room to tell her that this was my room, not hers. Ma Madam had to clean up my barf and it smelled. She sprayed some deodorizer stuff on it and she made it smell even worse. Lil' Madam is in a writing camp this week. 

  I thought the barf smelled better without the deodorizer. So Lil' Madam had to stay out of her room for one night. That night Lil' Madam was able to go to a sleepover because Ma Madam had to go get food for the potluck for the writing camp. After the writing camp, Lil' Madam and Ma Madam moved Lil' Madam's room to the bigger one. She even got new bed sheets!

 I decided to try out the bed. I took a short one hour nap on it and I approved of it. I really like her new sheets. They are green and striped. The bed is much bigger so I didn't have to worry about rolling on the bed and falling of. So here are pictures of me liking the new bed sheets and trying them out.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Good Bye Garfield!

So after resting up for a day after his surgery, Garfield, formerly known as Cheddar, is ready to go back to his home - the outside (because Garfield is a homeless cat!).  Here, Ma Madam set up Garfield for his release. I say goodbye to him from the inside.  

I would love to have a brother but I understand it is better for Cheddar, I mean Garfield, to go back to where he was living before we trapped him.  To us, he may be a homeless cat. But to him, all the world is his home.

Good-Bye Garfield.  Wish you luck and the best.  Please come visit when you are in the neighborhood.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Surprise - It's a Boy!!


I am sure you have all been waiting anxiously for an update on Ginger the Homeless Cat.

Well, Ginger is Ginger no more - turns out Ginger is a boy!!!!  

So what should we call him now?  Giovanni? Gerald?  Lil' Madam decided to call him Cheddar since he is a handsome orange tabby.

Cheddar is a brave soul.  He did really well at the surgery.  Last night and today, he rested and recovered quietly and calmly in his trap.  He ate and licked his plate clean.

Now he is just waiting for the right time for the Humans to release him back to his home.  Ma Madam said about dinner time tonight.

I know it is tough for Cheddar now to be all cooped up in that little trap.  I hope Cheddar understands that he will soon be able to run free again, and enjoy many adventures in the outside world.

And if he ever needs food and water, he can always come back to our backyard. I would be happy to share my food with him.

And we will always recognize Cheddar because the doctor at the vet clinic trimmed his ear!!! So we can always tell Cheddar from the other orange tabby out there.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ginger the Homeless Cat

Hello all:

I am a house cat which means I have a home.

But do you know there are a lot of cats without homes - they are called Homeless Cats. Some people call them Feral but all that means is they are cats without a home and mommies to care for them.

Well, my Madams and their friend Ms. B have found such a homeless cat.  She came by our house too but she mostly have been hanging out in Ms. B's backyard.

My Madams and Ms. B learned that the most "humane" way to take care of a homeless cat is to trap it, neuter it, and then return it to her home - the outside (which I don't get to go)!!!

So here she is - Ms. B was able to lure this beautiful homeless cat into the trap.  We call her Ginger and she is now resting comfortably in our garage.  But I am not allowed to visit with her myself, something about possible contagious disease.

I wish I can visit with Ginger so I can tell her that everything is going to be okay, that Ma Madam and Ms. B will take her to the vet tomorrow and she will be all taken care of and that Ma Madam and Lil' Madam will take care of her when she recovers from her surgery.  I wish I can tell Ginger myself that she will be out and about in no time and enjoying the outside again.

But all I get to do is see pictures of Ginger that Ma Madam took.

Everyone: please send positive thoughts to Ginger the Homeless Cat for a successful surgery and comfortable recovery.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My "Frenemy"

 First of all I hope all of your know what a "frenemy" is, and if you don't, it is a friend and an enemy put together in one. Yesterday Lil' Madam had a friend over for a sleepover. She wasn't exactly my favorite person, I tried to stay away from her. So I tried my karate skills on her.

To keep her away I would bare my teeth at her, punch, and attack(Ed. Note: hiss, paw, and bite). Fortunately, she stayed away from me. Unfortunately, she would keep coming back to pet me. So I tried to keep her away from me, but she would keep coming back!!

 These are a just a few pictures of me trying out my karate skills on Lil' Madam's friend(in my case frenemy).

Lil' Madam's "friend" would sometimes trap me in a box. It was not fun. So I really did not like her from then on.
Isn't he adorable?

This morning they went to the Humane Society of Silicon Valley(HSSV). They saw many adorable dogs and kitties(why didn't they take any pictures of the kitties?).
Lil' Madam and a Puppy!!
Lil' Madam and another Puppy

Lil' Madam's friend was holding puppies, and she said they were as cute as me!! Lil' Madam was holding puppies as well!! I was like, "Hello? I am the cute one here!!" But I have to admit, the little puppies and kitties were very cute. They were still not as cute as me though!! After that though, I have to say: I officially do not like that frenemy and Lil' Madam likes puppies more than me. But when Lil' Madam came home after, she said I was still the cutest kitty in the world(which I am).

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In Tahoe with Some New Friends

 I just got back from Tahoe and I met a friend, well two actually. One of them is human and the other is an animal. I think the humans name is Katherine. I will tell you about the other one later. I was home a lot this time in Tahoe.

Lil' Madam and her friend went to the pool, a lot!! They would spend four hours there and then come back with pruned toes and fingers. But the weird thing was that they used goggles and tube things that were attached to it, to breathe(Ed. Note: snorkel). They looked pretty funny to me.

Lil' Madam, Ma Madam and Katherine mainly came up here to see the fireworks for Fourth of July. These are a few of them.

 Now I will tell a little bit about my other friend, an animal. I think the girls called it "Freddy McFredster the Frog", which is a really weird name. It definitely was a frog though. Lil' Madam and her friend thought Freddy was really cute. Well, I think he looks fun to chase around the house. So here I am staring at Freddy wanting him to come out. 
 Here is a separate picture of Freddy without me staring at it. I personally think that Freddy should run wild...in the house, of course, so I can chase it.

Lil' Madam and Katherine went rafting. They had to wear life jackets, so they weren't very happy with that. But they said the ride was very scary because they kept crashing and getting stuck on things. So they said they were quite thankful they wore the lifejackets. They still wanted to forget about the ride. I wonder if I would like to go on the ride?

Well, they had to let Freddy go because they couldn't keep the frog. So...here is a picture of the girls letting Freddy go, and me getting my personal job back as the cute and adorable house animal.

That was the Fourth of July week spent in Tahoe.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hawaii Here I Go!!

Hello everyone:  as I told you before, my Humans are going on "vacation" to Hawaii and they were going to leave me at home.  But you know, I am so cute and they really don't want to leave me.

So today, they said I can go with them!!! Yeah!!! I ask if I will be going First Class.  But they say No, I will go "Priority Mail" instead.  I don't know if "Priority Mail" is equivalent to First Class.  But I guess I will comply - anything so that I don't have to leave my Humans.

Here, Lil' Madam said I have to get acquainted with my "Priority Mail" travel....can you see, I fit perfectly in my seat!!!

Lil' Madam left my seat out so I can get comfortably with it.  She is really thoughtful.  But getting acquainted is really not necessary as I usually like anything in the shape of a rectangular prism.

It is such a comfortable seat. I think I can sleep the whole way over to Hawaii!!!!