Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lil' Madam's New Room

  Yesterday Lil' Madam decided that she would change rooms into the bigger room with the bigger bed. But that room was my room, so I barfed in Lil' Madam's room to tell her that this was my room, not hers. Ma Madam had to clean up my barf and it smelled. She sprayed some deodorizer stuff on it and she made it smell even worse. Lil' Madam is in a writing camp this week. 

  I thought the barf smelled better without the deodorizer. So Lil' Madam had to stay out of her room for one night. That night Lil' Madam was able to go to a sleepover because Ma Madam had to go get food for the potluck for the writing camp. After the writing camp, Lil' Madam and Ma Madam moved Lil' Madam's room to the bigger one. She even got new bed sheets!

 I decided to try out the bed. I took a short one hour nap on it and I approved of it. I really like her new sheets. They are green and striped. The bed is much bigger so I didn't have to worry about rolling on the bed and falling of. So here are pictures of me liking the new bed sheets and trying them out.


  1. New rooms are fun Tigger. They are a whole new adventure. Frankly, I don't care where I sleep as long as my Mommys are nearby.
    Love Noodles

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